It all started when…

Bee Educated, Bee Empowered


Driven by a passion for bees and founded in the belief that a single action can make a sustainable impact, Pollination Stations was developed to engage the community with pollinators and nature. 


The mission of Pollination Stations is to educate and empower communities to conserve nature and promote sustainability through pollinator education.


With the hopes of engaging neighborhoods with environmental issues , the project will conduct community based workshops to share knowledge of honeybees and indigenous pollinators, the importance of pollination, and the impact a single choice can make.  By developing an ecological refuge for bees, pollination stations will also provide opportunities for the development of citizen scientists to monitor and report sightings.



You can be involved –

·       Visit one of our location

·       Check out our events

·       Log sightings at our iNaturalist project